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2024 Designer Window Supply SEO

Designer Window Supply Increases Organic Traffic by 122% with Compass Digital


Designer Window Supply, a premier window supply company based in San Diego, grappled with significant online visibility challenges that threatened its market position and growth potential. The core problem revolved around low organic traffic, limited reach, and low brand awareness within a highly competitive industry. This digital invisibility hindered our ability to connect with potential customers, showcase our high-quality product lines & services, and ultimately, expand our market footprint.


To effectively address these challenges, Designer Window Supply & Compass Digital set forth a clear, targeted, and quantifiable objective: Increase organic website traffic by 50% within 12 months, double our customer engagement rates (measured through website inquiries and interaction metrics), and enhance brand awareness within the San Diego area and beyond. This objective was designed to be both ambitious and achievable, providing a clear benchmark for success and enabling us to measure the impact of our efforts directly.

Strategy & Tactics:

Recognizing the necessity of a multifaceted approach to achieve our objectives, we embarked on a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that included search engine optimization (SEO), keyword research, competitor analysis, content marketing, and social media engagement. Our strategy focused on:

SEO Optimization:
Conduct an in-depth analysis of our website to identify and rectify technical SEO issues, improve site structure, and optimize content with relevant, high-volume keywords to improve our search rankings and visibility.

Content Marketing:
Launching a robust content marketing plan to showcase our expertise and provide valuable information. This included the creation of informative blog posts, learning centers, pillar pages, and resource pages that highlighted our unique value proposition and industry leadership.

Social Media Engagement:
Amplifying our online presence through strategic social media campaigns designed to increase brand awareness, foster community engagement, and drive traffic to our website. We leveraged platforms where our target audience is most active, using a mix of organic and paid strategies to maximize reach and impact.


We saw organic traffic increase 122% year-over-year with overall conversion rates increasing 544% indicating that we outperformed our original goals. The content that we created was ranked highly in Google for trending and highly valuable keywords that resonated with our target audience and boosted overall traffic to the website. This achievement can be attributed to the content marketing strategy that we executed. The results indicate the synergistic impact of a strategic content marketing strategy aligned with audience research and an overall growth strategy.