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Using the ActiveCampaign CRM to Turn Leads into Sales


Lifestyles Hot Tubs is a leading hot tub dealer in Michigan with 9 retail locations. With Compass Digital’s as their partner, Lifestyles was able to use best in class growth marketing to drive over 300 qualified leads a month. However, they were struggling to effectively manage and convert these leads, with a conversion rate stagnating around 5%. Upon digging in, Compass Digital found that the primary challenge was the lack of systematic follow-up and personalized engagement with potential customers, resulting in lost sales opportunities.  With the amount of work put in to get the leads, the teams needed to work together to drive even better results. 


The objective was to increase the close rate for online leads from 5% to 15%. This required a comprehensive overhaul of the sales process using the CRM tools provided by ActiveCampaign.

Strategy & Tactics:

  • CRM Setup and Lead Segmentation: ActiveCampaign’s CRM capabilities were harnessed to create lists and segments using online form feeds and a tagging system, categorizing leads by product interest (hot tubs, swim spas, and saunas) and ensuring more targeted follow-ups.
  • Sales Pipeline Automation: Separate sales pipelines were established for different product categories with automated task assignments to ensure consistent engagement with leads at every stage of the sales process.
  • Task Management and Accountability: A role specifically designated as the ‘Task Manager’ was implemented to ensure that sales tasks were completed and leads were followed up on consistently.
  • Pre-Sale Engagement: Drip email campaigns were sent to leads showing interest in high-value items, keeping them engaged between direct contact points.


The strategic use of ActiveCampaign led to a dramatic increase in efficiency, with the close rate for online leads rising from 5% to 20% in just over a year, far exceeding the original target of 15%. This success highlighted the importance of targeted CRM practices and close collaboration between the sales team and marketing strategists.

“I just wanted to reach out to Greg and senior management to let you know how much I appreciate working with Rado. I have been in the CRM Tech world for 25 years and she is 1 in a million to me. I started with Lifestyles roughly 18 months ago and Rado has been with me since Day 1. We have completely rebuilt Active Campaign and with her strategic vision and technical skills she has helped us achieve WAY above and beyond our expected sales goal closure percentage rates.
When I started, the company could never break a 5% closing rate. We are now (I just ran the yearly report) constantly closing over 20% per month. She is not only extremely smart, but she is also dependable, flexible, and a ton of fun to work with.”
Tom Diardichuk
Lifestyles Hot Tubs Task Manager