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2024 Ventura MedStaff Website

Ventura Medstaff Enhances User Engagement and Conversion Rates through Website Design with Compass Digital


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After: Clean UX, awards to build trust, simplified navigation to reduce distractions, stronger CTAs


Ventura MedStaff’s existing website faced significant challenges in converting users into leads, primarily due to outdated design, poor site architecture, and a subpar user experience. This inefficiency in website performance hindered the company’s ability to effectively engage with potential nursing professionals seeking employment opportunities, thus impacting its position in the competitive nursing staffing industry. The core challenge was to transform the website into a more engaging, user-friendly, and trust-inducing platform that effectively communicates Ventura MedStaff’s value proposition and credibility in the staffing industry.


Improve User Conversion Rate:
To increase the user-to-lead conversion rate by 25% within six months post-launch of the redesigned website. This objective is quantifiable through the analysis of website analytics, focusing on conversion rate metrics before and after the redesign.

Enhance Site Architecture and Usability:
To achieve a user satisfaction score of at least 4.5 out of 5 based on user feedback surveys and usability testing within three months post-launch. This includes streamlining navigation, improving information architecture, and ensuring the website is intuitive for all user segments.

Boost Brand Trust and Credibility:
To enhance Ventura MedStaff’s brand perception by prominently displaying trust marks, third-party validations, and awards on the website, aiming for a 30% increase in perceived credibility within the target audience, measured through brand perception surveys conducted six months after the redesign.

Before: cluttered mobile A spot, poor use of space, too many words, small font & too many choices in Navigation

Strategy & Tactics:

The strategy was to build trust to drive conversions and engagement. Tactically, this meant enhancing the overall digital presence by creating a better user experience, driving engagement through a more scannable UX, which in turn would trust and improve overall satisfaction with the website.

Specifically, by implementing a modern design, incorporating trust marks and awards for third-party validation, and improving site architecture and usability, the “Trust” strategy aims to directly address the identified issues. The strategy is grounded in quantifiable metrics such as conversion rates, user satisfaction scores, brand perception, bounce rates, and session durations, ensuring that the effectiveness of the redesign can be accurately evaluated. This clear, specific, and measurable approach demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and presents a sound strategy for enhancing Ventura MedStaff’s online engagement and lead generation capabilities.