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Compass Digital Expands Paid Media Advertising Offerings with WowYow Partnership

San Diego, CA – Compass Digital is excited to announce a partnership with WowYow, a trusted leader in digital media advertising software. This collaboration will revolutionize the way Compass Digital delivers advertising solutions to clients, enhancing their capabilities and delivering unique value.

Since 2016, WowYow has been using its patented computer vision AI to transform content monetization and advertising for its media partners. By examining various aspects of publisher content, such as videos, images, text, and more, WowYow creates contextual metadata and signals. This technology allows for the delivery of relevant advertisements without relying on user tracking or third-party cookies.

Through this partnership, Compass Digital clients will gain access to WowYow’s cutting-edge demand-side platform solutions and supply-side platform partners. This collaboration opens the door to powerful omnichannel ad-buying solutions and cookieless contextual ad targeting, ensuring that Compass Digital’s clients stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital advertising landscape.

Key Benefits for Compass Digital Clients Include:

  • Access to Premium & Brand-Safe Ad Inventory: Clients can tap into WowYow’s extensive inventory of premium ad placements across in-app, CTV, web/mobile placements, ensuring their messages reach a wide and engaged audience.
  • Advanced, Cookieless, Contextual Targeting: WowYow’s platform offers advanced targeting options such as lookalike audiences, IAB codes, keywords, device targeting, geo-targeting, OS targeting, and more, delivering highly relevant ads to the right audiences.
  • Wide Range of Formats: Compass Digital clients can now launch standard IAB-supported video and display ad formats, as well as explore unique ad formats to stand out in the crowded advertising landscape.
  • Robust Analytics & API’s: Clients can access customizable reporting, API reporting, and advanced analytics for in-depth campaign insights, enabling data-driven decisions and optimizations.


Compass Digital has built a reputation for excellence in the digital marketing industry, serving a diverse range of businesses across B2B and D2C sectors, including non-profit, CPG, leisure, and more. Their commitment to transparency, flexibility, and growth acceleration aligns perfectly with WowYow’s mission to redefine digital advertising.

This partnership underscores Compass Digital’s dedication to providing custom digital marketing strategies with measurable results. Whether it’s increasing leads, donations, or eCommerce sales, building brand awareness, understanding and growing the audience, or improving user experiences and return on ad spend, Compass Digital is poised to deliver exceptional value to its clients.

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